Mechatronics and Transport


PMFACTORY srl offers industrial support for the development of new products.

We take care of the product's style, mechanical planning, simulation, production, operations and project management. We work indipendently to develop the product from its concept phase to its production; or by collaborating with the internal teams on specific tasks.

3D4MEC s.r.l. (BO)

The first 3D printer for steel.

3D4MEC specialises in developing and making 3D printers for steel. Entire parts of the equipment are made especially to manage and process steel dusts.

3D4STEEL is the first specialistic 3D printing system for non-reactive steel dusts, completely customised for the production requirements of each client, to guarantee the greatest practicality and ease for industrial production and at the same time it ensures complete safety of workers.

40Factory (PC)

40Factory is a technological startup operating in the fields of Industry 4.0 and digitization of industrial machinery, systems and devices.

Our core business is to foster the process of digital transformation of small and medium OEM companies (Original Equipment Manufacturer), working with them on the development and adoption of hardware and software solutions aimed at optimizing the operation efficiency of equipment and facilitating new business opportunities, through the servitization process.

SystemItalia (PC)

SystemItalia offers services for the maintenance of any machine with internal lubrication.

In particular, it has developed a machine called MIS - Maintenance Intelligence System - capable of performing online, real-time monitoring of all the main lubricating oil parameters (such as viscosity, temperature, electrical conductivity, relative dielectric constant, percentage of water saturation and size and number of metal particles) without the need for any intervention or for the machinery to be stopped during installation.

Prometheus (PR)

Prometheus is a company that develops and sells biotechnological products for the care of humans and animals. 

Prometheus has in particular two product lines: 

- production and sale of 3D human tissues that can be used for pharmacological, cosmetics and chemical tests;

-drugs that accelerate the regeneration processes of damaged tissues. 

To date, more than 90% of drugs that have proven to be functional and safe in the first phase of their tests. 

Agro HTC ()

AgroHTC is aimed at producing modular machinery based on hydrothermal carbonization technology in order to transform food waste residuals, food chain co-products and more in general organic scraps, even those with high water content, into resources as biochar, energy, soil amendment and fertilizer.

Cad Technologies (PC)

CAD Technologies operates in the field of  metal processing, dealing with the production and distribution of tools and equipments for press brakes and punching machines.

The company is able to supply punches and dies for bending presses made of  hardened steel. The range  of products includes tools such as: