Mapendo (BO)

Mapendo is a platform for optimising advertising on smartphones, especially for e-commerce.

Using a system based on artificial intelligence algorithms, Mapendo is committed to increasing smartphone sales for its customers.

Since 2014, the company has specialised in foreign markets, accounting for 97% of its turnover. 


Pikkart (MO)

Pikkart s.r.l. is a startup founded in May 2014 and aimed at innovation in advertising, marketing and publishing through Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality is a revolutionary and rapidly expanding technology that allows the superimposition of useful and coherent multimedia content - video, audio and 3D objects - in images captured by a simple camera device.

Antreem (BO)

Antreem is based in Imola and specialises in the development of mobile computing services. It is a young and dynamic company formed by Fabio Poli, Stefano Maggiore and Imola Informatica, a web and new technologies business that has created projects and offered consultation since 2012. Technological innovation is Antreem's mission, and from the combined skills of Stefano, Fabio and Imola Informatica, it has grown into an innovative and technologically savvy partner for its customers.

Fancy Pixel (FE)

Fancy Pixel is a startup that grew out of experience gained by its founders in the research laboratories of the University of Ferrara. It develops web and mobile applications for all major platforms, the Internet of Things and smart devices.

The main product is "LaBazza", the new community for anyone who loves a bargain. Users can report "bazze" (i.e. bargains) found in stores or online and also save money by taking advantage of the reports made by the rest of the community.

70 Division (RE)

70 Division is a digital agency focussed on the design of products and services. We specialise in design thinking, lean and agile development and open innovation for prototyping and actual creation of digital products and services, especially for mobile technology. Our team's skills are centred mainly on mobile (iOS/Android), from development to design through to metrics and digital marketing.

70 Division is currently working on See!, an entirely video-centred social network, exclusive to iOS and Android.