PMFACTORY srl offers industrial support for the development of new products.

We take care of the product's style, mechanical planning, simulation, production, operations and project management. We work indipendently to develop the product from its concept phase to its production; or by collaborating with the internal teams on specific tasks.

JOS Technology (PC)

JOS Technology is an innovative startup founded in 2013 by the architect Marco Ariani, with the industrial partner LIGRA Srl joining at the end of 2015.

JOS is an internationally patented technology, the first Smart Energy Surface where every connection point is a high power socket on which to hook and power tens of different devices directly on the surface, saving great amounts of energy, space and money.


VINTAG is a social shopping app dedicated to Vintage.

VINTAG is a free and secure platform where you can buy and sell Vintage.

VINTAG is an app, it works only on your smartphone or tablet.

VINTAG is a social platform: in addition to selling or buying you can also meet people who share your passion for Vintage.

VINTAG was founded to make selling and buying Vintage items safe, fast and fun.

Romagna Innovazione

Rinnova, Romagna Innovazione promotes scientific research and innovation through technology transfer and applied research, designing and delivering innovative, high performance products at competitive costs.

Antreem (BO)

Antreem is based in Imola and specialises in the development of mobile computing services. It is a young and dynamic company formed by Fabio Poli, Stefano Maggiore and Imola Informatica, a web and new technologies business that has created projects and offered consultation since 2012. Technological innovation is Antreem's mission, and from the combined skills of Stefano, Fabio and Imola Informatica, it has grown into an innovative and technologically savvy partner for its customers.