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Cyclando is a platform comprising an e-commerce website and a navigation app that collects organized trips and verified GPS cycling route tracks.

The aim is to create a platform where tour operators, hire outlets, and guides who want to offer guided tours can contact customers, initially all over Italy, but when fully implemented also all over Europe.

Cyclando therefore present themselves as a tour operator with the aim of becoming the go-to digital platform for the European cycle touring market.

Cyclando was established in September 2019 when one of the founders, the product manager for a longstanding tour operator in the sector, formed a company with a software house specialized in digital cartography and e-commerce. From the same tour operator they acquired the section of the company involved in selling tours.

Cyclando was therefore born with about 150 established tours provided by around 40 specialized European tour operators, a FB page with over 20 K followers, and a website that was already indexed.

Cyclando's aim is to:

  • simplify the content insertion process in order to transition from 150 tours to 1000 tours within a few months;
  • construct an advanced internal research engine capable of guiding users for the choice of the most appropriate tour for them (selection funnel);
  • divide up journeys traditionally offered with a large number of variants into an equivalent number of selectable products so that users can choose and purchase their package with a single click and without the need for intermediation by the travel agency.




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