Shifton (BO)

Shifton is an advanced design studio for social innovation.

We apply modern design methods to achieve innovative solutions in response to the challenges of contemporary life and the needs expressed by individuals and the community.

Starting from the needs of people, their experiences and behaviours, we co-design and collaborate with public and private organizations with the aim of generating change and positive impact.

RetailTune (PR)

RetailTune is a SaaS platform for drive-to-store campaigns and local digital marketing. This easy–to-use technology helps retailers, wholesalers, and franchisees to manage their store data on digital touch-points, while also helping consumers to be in the right place at the right time according to the products and services they are looking for.

Isual (FE)

Isual® is an innovative digital platform with the aim of raising brand profile through the reuse of digital content distributed directly through the channels of your own network of partners, sales outlets, agents, collaborators.

The relational network of a brand/organization has the potential to enormously amplify its reputation, visibility, and consequently sales.

Yoyiyo (BO)

Yoyiyo is managed by MTI Srl and offers unique customized travel experiences, unlike standard travel agency packages. They have a team of Italian and Chinese experts with in-depth local knowledge, specialized in luxury travel packages to Italy

The innovation of Yoyiyo lies in its emphasis on direct experiences and interactions for Chinese customers who are culturally, geographically, and linguistically very remote from Western norms.

Auto Indabox (BO)

Auto Indabox is a platform that establishes contact between anyone who wants to rent their private garage, even for just a few hours a day, and people in search of parking spaces.

Auto Indabox arose out of the need for a solution to urban transport that has a positive ecological and social impact on user communities.

Titanium Ideas (MO)

Seerene is an innovative project by Titanium Ideas and the first app dedicated to health mobility. A system of three 3 apps and innovative algorithms establishes a perfect interface between users who need social/healthcare transport, and organizations that offer these services.

An innovative, first of its kind digital ecosystem usable via mobile apps that enables quick intuitive booking of social/healthcare transport through an entirely online channel.