Meechanics and Materials

Alexandria SRL (BO)

Alexandria plans to market a fully antimicrobial bottle that can be opened into two parts, following a logic of high environmental sustainability through an extended product life cycle.

It protects health and consumer drinks by killing bacteria, microbes, spores, and algae acting constantly over its entire surface with an effect that persists over time without ever expiring.

It requires no electronic components in order to operate because the action is passive.

Bearingram S.r.l. (PC)

The corporate purpose is the development, production, and marketing, also by e-commerce, of innovative products and services. More specifically this means the development, production, and marketing of a web platform designed to facilitate commercial/production interactions between operators in the mechanical products market, aiming to improve the interface between sellers and potential customers, with special attention to the bearing and pneumatics sectors.


Similla offer innovative digital solutions for the development of advanced materials in hi-tech applications.

Similla integrates virtual models, artificial intelligence, and big data in order to accelerate the design of materials and innovative processes for critical applications in sectors of significant technological impact like: advanced manufacturing, health (biomedical devices, biomaterials), energy (batteries and storage, solar power, etc.), the environment, and agri-food (sensors, etc.).


DOYLE is a technological eye that monitors the gaze of everyone on the Web and social networks.
Our mission is to offer innovative services that promote creativity and enable companies to deal with new challenges through application of artificial intelligence solutions shaped by the judgements of the staff.

Integrated Energy Hub Srl (BO)

The company was founded in 2017 from the idea of a pool of engineers with over 15 years of direct experience in the wholesale energy and environmental markets.

Its primary mission is to spread and uphold the policies of environmental sustainability though research, development, and the spread of innovative solutions (not only technological) addressing both energy consumers and operators.

YAMA srl (BO)

The company's aim is the conceptualization, development, and marketing of innovative multi-touchpoint platforms (web, mobile, others) capable of resolving complex business issues, based on the use of advanced technologies like IoT (internet of things), various forms of artificial intelligence, and cloud computing. This includes cross-vendor mode using containers, multimedia content delivery platforms, mixed and augmented reality, chatbot / semantic language analysis systems.

SanChip Innovation (PR)

Real Time OCM is a SanChip Innovation (SCI) project, an innovative start-up with the objective of helping companies who own industrial machinery, means of transport (e.g. ships), machines for producing energy (e.g. wind turbines, gas engines, etc.), and OEMs to implement predictive maintenance for their machine assets.

ZENIT Smart Polycrystals (RA)

ZENIT's business idea of Smart Polycrystals is based on the production and sale of polycrystals for the solid state laser (SSL) machine market.

Existing SSL systems have high manufacturing costs and the machines are heavy and bulky. These laser beams are generated by a single-crystal that heats up locally during laser emission, causing the temporary deformation of the crystalline cell, degrading the quality of the beam and reducing its efficiency.