Meechanics and Materials


MO-TEC srl is an innovative startup operating in the motor vehicle sector, in particular providing equipment for the vehicle workshop, aerospace, and mining sectors.

The company has two partners supported by an external consultant.

Our core business is AN ELECTRONICALLY AUTOMATED LIFTING SYSTEM, for which we hold our own PATENTED system.

NGV Powertrain (RE)

NGV Powertrain is an innovative startup with general headquarters in the Motor Valley of Emilia Romagna. NGV are certified engine manufacturers who develop alternative fuel engine systems (natural gas, bio-fuel, and e-fuels including hydrogen, also in hybrid versions), in order to decarbonize the "hard-to-abate" sectors of transport and energy generation.

NGV Powertrain promote and sustain circular economy and green mobility models that are sustainable both ecologically and financially.

Cognivix (BO)

Fieldview from Cognivix is a new generation pick and place system for industrial robots. It applies vision algorithms based on deep learning to achieve precision handling in uncontrolled environments that include variations in lighting and background. Our methodology for automating the acquisition of objects and learning means that the transition from design to production can be achieved in a few hours, without requiring any AI skills.

Re-Sport (BO)

RE-SPORT is an innovative startup and a spin-off with the participation of the University of Bologna. We develop innovative technologies for the recycling and development of sports equipment and everyday products in plastic and compound materials.

RE-SPORT develops all the necessary steps towards the recycling of multi-material items at the end of their lifecycle, from proof-of-concept to design of finished systems, combined with the assessment of environmental impact and economic factors in the process.

Roboprint (RE)

Roboprint was born out of the fusion of the two apparently remote worlds of the versatile and well established tampographic printing method, and robotics, which is able to extend the potential of the former in fully customized integrations.

Our comprehensive knowledge of the main printing techniques including tampographic, screen, and transfer printing, hot stamping and all the associated production issues, makes Roboprint an ideal professional partner.


Development and fine tuning of a device for confinement and reinforcement of beam/pillar junctions in existing structures in SRC constructed in compliance with technical building standards and relative explanatory circular c.s.ll.pp. n. 7. Xnode addresses a B2B target market (engineering offices, building companies) as well as public authorities.

Ecoinnovazione (BO)

Ecoinnovazione is a spin-off from ENEA, accredited as an industrial research laboratory in the Emilia-Romagna High-Tech network. We offer companies and public authorities customized solutions for the assessment and promotion of sustainability in the environmental, economic, and social dimensions. We develop products while also addressing organizations and local territory.