ICT, Creative Industry and Design


SMACE, Smart Work in a Smart Place was founded in Ferrara in December 2020 based on an idea of Marta Romero and Andrea Droghetti to transform remote working into a work benefit.

SMACE is a B2B solution for the management of work-spaces for company teams. By aggregating third party premises as alternatives to the office or home, together with a series of services suited to the work carried out by the groups, SMACE represents an ideal solution for externalizing management of the hybrid office.

Cognivix (BO)

Fieldview from Cognivix is a new generation pick and place system for industrial robots. It applies vision algorithms based on deep learning to achieve precision handling in uncontrolled environments that include variations in lighting and background. Our methodology for automating the acquisition of objects and learning means that the transition from design to production can be achieved in a few hours, without requiring any AI skills.

Wegg Agency (BO)

Wegg Agency is a digital agency founded in association with the WeggPress brand and the innovative method with the same name for managing and optimizing WordPress websites.

All WordPress websites display repeated problems and needs in terms of performance, optimization, and security. We have developed a model that includes both human intervention and proprietary software, which is able to prevent known problems and that enables control over the necessary aspects of websites created using WordPress.

MeteoSales (FC)

MeteoSales offers a support platform for the e-commerce business, making it possible to analyse the needs of each individual customer in detail and automate marketing.

The main innovation is the possibility of exploiting meteorological data for marketing. A patented system enables automatic adaptation of communication, advertising, and product offers on the basis of the weather conditions in the location from where the user is connecting.

Ecoinnovazione (BO)

Ecoinnovazione is a spin-off from ENEA, accredited as an industrial research laboratory in the Emilia-Romagna High-Tech network. We offer companies and public authorities customized solutions for the assessment and promotion of sustainability in the environmental, economic, and social dimensions. We develop products while also addressing organizations and local territory.