ICT, Industria Creativa e Design

RetailTune (PR)

RetailTune is a SaaS platform for drive-to-store campaigns and local digital marketing. This easy–to-use technology helps retailers, wholesalers, and franchisees to manage their store data on digital touch-points, while also helping consumers to be in the right place at the right time according to the products and services they are looking for.

Isual (FE)

Isual® is an innovative digital platform with the aim of raising brand profile through the reuse of digital content distributed directly through the channels of your own network of partners, sales outlets, agents, collaborators.

The relational network of a brand/organization has the potential to enormously amplify its reputation, visibility, and consequently sales.


Makadamia is an e-commerce operator in the foodstuffs sector that aims to become a yardstick for everyone in search of a healthy and tasty daily snack, or top quality ingredients for their own recipes.

The underlying elements of this project are customization, eco-sustainability, and high quality raw materials. 

Tasto (RE)

Our aim is to reduce inefficiency in wine marketing through promotion of a zero back-office platform for operators in the sector.

Our business model is B2B and we provide a technological platform designed for local areas, agents, and wine cellars.

We are steering towards a faster, better connected, scalable B2B, shifting the focus towards functional and technological development.

Trailslight (BO)

The patented technology application called TRAILS transforms every street light into an IoT device that is intelligent and interconnected, thanks to the gathering of sound information combined with the use of artificial intelligence.

The TRAILS dispersed application helps reduce wastage of light and energy in street lighting by over 40%, supplying only the necessary quantity of light where and when needed.