Campomats Srl (RN)

Campomats Srl develop, produce, and market innovative products for cosmetic medicine and beauty treatments in general.

Some of our products can also be used in other ways. For example, the Omnia device has important applications in the non-surgical reconstruction of the breast areola, and making tattoo markers for radiotherapy.

Our main customers are hospitals, aesthetic doctors, dermatologists, and the beauty world in general.

Minerva Systems (MO)

Minerva Systems provides system software that optimizes the design and simplifies implementation of applications that have predictable multi-critical parameters and are based on AI for the next generation of integrated systems.

Minerva Systems is a startup and spinoff of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

It operates with a team of around a dozen people in Modena (Italy) and Munich (Germany).

Outflix S.r.l. (BO)

Outflix is the first crowdfashion platform that combines style and sustainability, matching two completely different target populations: those who have too much, share with those who have too little.

This creates a virtuous community, perfect for renting clothes and creating new combinations.

We have developed an algorithm based on a few body measurements that helps define limited groups of women who share the same body shape.

Alexandria SRL (BO)

Alexandria plans to market a fully antimicrobial bottle that can be opened into two parts, following a logic of high environmental sustainability through an extended product life cycle.

It protects health and consumer drinks by killing bacteria, microbes, spores, and algae acting constantly over its entire surface with an effect that persists over time without ever expiring.

It requires no electronic components in order to operate because the action is passive.

Follow Track (BO)

  • The Follow Track programme is a universal logistics platform that links up: couriers, warehouses, commercial activities, delivery services.

Studio Croma Animation srl (BO)

Studio Croma Animation is an animation studio specialized in the production of cinematic works and audio-visual content for advertising and Internet. They apply the stop-motion technique, using sequences of photographs to create movement and lend personality to objects and inanimate puppets.

The creative process that distinguishes their products is characterized by a perfect mix of hand-crafted construction techniques, technology, and digital processing.