Shifton (BO)

Shifton is an advanced design studio for social innovation.

We apply modern design methods to achieve innovative solutions in response to the challenges of contemporary life and the needs expressed by individuals and the community.

Starting from the needs of people, their experiences and behaviours, we co-design and collaborate with public and private organizations with the aim of generating change and positive impact.

RetailTune (PR)

RetailTune is a SaaS platform for drive-to-store campaigns and local digital marketing. This easy–to-use technology helps retailers, wholesalers, and franchisees to manage their store data on digital touch-points, while also helping consumers to be in the right place at the right time according to the products and services they are looking for.

Isual (FE)

Isual® is an innovative digital platform with the aim of raising brand profile through the reuse of digital content distributed directly through the channels of your own network of partners, sales outlets, agents, collaborators.

The relational network of a brand/organization has the potential to enormously amplify its reputation, visibility, and consequently sales.

Zeprojects (BO)

Zeprojects is an innovative female startup founded in Bologna in 2019 from the passion for innovation applied to architecture and design of the founders, Francesca di Giacomo and Silvia Motori. This is the only hub in Italy to offer an architectural design service integrating IoT technologies, AI, and highly innovative materials, all aimed at improving the quality of life of individuals, which is the primary goal of all our work.

My Ejob (RA)

My Ejob for individuals.
An innovative web platform that offers travellers and/or companies dedicated and protected spaces for the insertion of their travel itineraries for real-time verification of whether the border entry requirements are satisfied on the basis of the current health status of each country being visited, along with any other standing health obligations.

MSG Network (MO)

A new service called Clickmyhouse.it is offered to real estate agents and builders. It is designed to provide objective answers regarding the visibility of advertised property units, while at the same time also giving accurate information to potential buyers of the same (customers of the estate agents and builders).

Exsulting (PC)

Exsulting provides rating services as well as strategic and operational consultancy for companies in the integrated sustainability field.

We apply proprietary instruments like the Embedded Sustainability Index®, the CASE® Method, and the SGIS© Integrated Sustainability Management System.

We mainly support industrial companies, in all sectors and of all sizes.

Hexesoft (RN)

Hexesoft srl won a GRANT FOR ATTRACTING AND CONSOLIDATING INNOVATIVE STARTUPS - REGIONAL DECREE 181/2021. It emerged from the idea of a businessman who after 25 years in a company, decided to start again by establishing an innovative startup with the aim of bringing innovation to company accounting.

Alexandria (BO)

Alexandria produces and sells reusable antimicrobial bottles implementing a silver technology to eliminate unpleasant odours and tastes in the liquid contents.

They preserve the health and drinks of consumers, eliminating bacteria, microbes, spores, and algae. The effect functions constantly over the entire surface and endures over time without ever disappearing.