Life Science

Eugea (BO)

Eugea springs as a spin-off of the University of Bologna, assembling the researchers of the Applied Ecology group of the Faculty of Agriculture.

Eugea believes that the dignity of a city roots in its capability to host nature into itself, because nature, which is a real big thing, is made up of small little friends. And small gestures growing to greatness.

Redess (PR)

Redess Srl is the first Italian and European certified organic supply chain for SUMAC.

The potential markets for our innovative sumac based products include: food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and industrial applications (biocides and insecticides).

Redess have the benefit of collaborating with the universities of Parma, Milan, Camerino, and Palermo.

LPTech (FE)

The state of art in cranioplasty (implanting sections of skull) is hampered by numerous issues: the high cost of operating theatres and implant prostheses (average total of €12,000), an extended learning curve for surgeons, aesthetic and functional imperfections, and non-repeatability in emergency cases.

Astranoto Srl SB (BO)

ASTRANOTO is an innovative startup and benefit company founded with the aim of helping to modernize small and medium-sized Italian companies by exploiting the specific vertical software functions available in SaaS, Cloud transformation, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths) consultancy.

We help to understand, anticipate, and adapt to new global challenges in an ever more complex world. If the thing you need does not exist, we can build it together.

Mama Science (BO)

MAMA SCIENCE srls is an innovative startup in advanced materials research, nanotechnologies, and biomaterials obtained through proprietary processes inspired by natural phenomena, for sustainable development that protects the natural environment.

Mama Science have fine tuned two proprietary technologies leading to the development of two different categories of innovative materials.


Nexter srl is an innovative startup established in 2021 and based in Rubiera (RE).

Our mission is to design and manufacture innovative technological solutions based on electronics and IT to make our world ever more integrated, free, and collaborative.

We are faithful to Italian design culture all the way from conception to design. Italian creativity and technology is built into all our products.