Energy and the Environment

Squiseat (BO)

Our service allows customers to purchase unsold food products at 50% of their list price through our proprietary application; this allows a drastic decrease of food waste by simplifying the resale of products that would otherwise be thrown away.

We ensure total transparency of the service regarding product quality and care for customer needs.

Speediti (BO)

Speediti exploits technology to connect drivers with on-board space available and people delivering to the same destination.

Drivers recuperate expenses for a journey they would have made in any case.

Senders have a quick, safe, and easy way to deliver things.

Delivery is ultra fast since delivery time is exactly the same as travel time. Each individual delivery is always covered by insurance, included in the price.

Bugslab (PR)

Bugslab is an innovative startup founded in 2021 with the aim of producing the most sustainable animal protein on the planet.
To achieve this objective, Bugslab focuses on the production of insects for use in pet food (whole or as food components for cats and dogs) and animal feed. In the coming years Bugslab also intend to develop their own brand for the sale of products for humans based on insect flour.

Zero3 srl (RA)

Zero3's services include system design, environmental consulting, production feasibility analyses, thermographs and thermographic diagnosis. They offer a product line branded 03 Stabilizer® relevant to decarbonisation, environmental sustainability, and energy transition.


Similla offer innovative digital solutions for the development of advanced materials in hi-tech applications.

Similla integrates virtual models, artificial intelligence, and big data in order to accelerate the design of materials and innovative processes for critical applications in sectors of significant technological impact like: advanced manufacturing, health (biomedical devices, biomaterials), energy (batteries and storage, solar power, etc.), the environment, and agri-food (sensors, etc.).


DOYLE is a technological eye that monitors the gaze of everyone on the Web and social networks.
Our mission is to offer innovative services that promote creativity and enable companies to deal with new challenges through application of artificial intelligence solutions shaped by the judgements of the staff.


Respyra is a device purposely designed for eliminating viruses and bacteria from the air, while it is also effective for eliminating dust, odours, mould, fungi, and pollen.

Thanks to an innovative photocatalytic purification system it can decontaminate indoor air of all pathogenic agents and pollutants through an oxidization process at ambient temperature using the oxygen present in the air and with light produced by specific UV lamps.

Integrated Energy Hub Srl (BO)

The company was founded in 2017 from the idea of a pool of engineers with over 15 years of direct experience in the wholesale energy and environmental markets.

Its primary mission is to spread and uphold the policies of environmental sustainability though research, development, and the spread of innovative solutions (not only technological) addressing both energy consumers and operators.