Energia e Ambiente


Stramba has designed a new type of rigging wing that can offer incredible performances.

We have great partnerships with the Industrial Engineering Department of the Università di Bologna, with Q-id, style and design focal centre for important brands, the Cantieri Zuanelli and other professional players in the field.

Stramba's main mission is to adapt this new technology to all areas of nautical businesses to bring to the market all the benefits and advantages it can offer.

JOS Technology (PC)

JOS Technology is an innovative startup founded in 2013 by the architect Marco Ariani, with the industrial partner LIGRA Srl joining at the end of 2015.

JOS is an internationally patented technology, the first Smart Energy Surface where every connection point is a high power socket on which to hook and power tens of different devices directly on the surface, saving great amounts of energy, space and money.


UP Urban Planning Ltd is an engineering company that deals in a multidisciplinary way with local urban transformation  through the use of decision support tools and urban data to integrate multiple contexts.

The planning activity is always focused on avoiding the creation of a duality between sustainability projects and users behaviour, a duality that is often the source of inequity.
Urban Planning is thus making use of economic and financial strategies in order to translate the idea into reality.

Difly (RE)

Difly is developing a new concept of drone named “Elysia” which is able to fly for up to 9 hours.

This ambitious objective is reached by the usage of patented fuselage, high efficient photovoltaic panels and helium bags inside.

Elysia will be used in various fields such as in environment protection, Oil & gas pipeline monitoring as well as in forestry and border protection.

Composharing (PR)

The project “Composharing” aims to give a new impulse to domestic and community composting, creating “compost communities” - at municipal or a neighbourhood levels - sharing equipment and experience. After a first spread of the domestic composting practice about twenty years ago, municipalities shall now take a step forward in the diffusion of this positive practice. There is still a wide amount of garden waste that is not exploited with an impact on collection and disposal costs for the community.

Agro HTC ()

AgroHTC is aimed at producing modular machinery based on hydrothermal carbonization technology in order to transform food waste residuals, food chain co-products and more in general organic scraps, even those with high water content, into resources as biochar, energy, soil amendment and fertilizer.