ICT, Creative Industry and Design

Sound maTERia (BO)

Existing practice in the door and window frame market oblige final users to choose between sound shielding and air quality derived from good ventilation, without considering the energy consumption of certain mechanized systems.

Sound maTERia make door and window frames applying passive metamaterial technologies that are energy self-sufficient, high performance, and made from recycled materials.

Our windows can be adapted to any shape and size and enable public and private organizations to create quieter healthier interior spaces.

SocialToApp (RA)

A single tool for all your social media activity at a fixed price and without unpleasant surprises.

It generates short dynamic URLs, QR codes, bio pages, and keeps track of all the analytics.

It enhances engagement and increases profits using easy deep link technology which is supported by more than 50 applications including YouTube, TikTok, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, and many more.

Specifically designed for content creators and agencies, we currently have more than 1000 customers in Italy and abroad.

Develop-Players (FC)

Develop-Players is an innovative startup with a social commitment and a spinoff enterprise with the participation of the University of Bologna. They develop serious games designed for enhanced learning by students with Specific Learning Disorders (SLDs).

SLDs are neurobiological in origin that generally emerge at school and have an enduring impact over the lives of individuals.

Dsnow Srl (BO)

The main mission of Dsnow is to help the entire manufacturing sector to digitalize, in particular the mechanical engineering sector.

Company increasingly look to digital tech for sustainability and savings.

Dsnow intend to offer themselves as strategic partners to support these companies, offering a smart and fast platform on which companies can save important resources, like time and money.


We are developing a B2B platform to directly connect small and medium-sized wine makers with their buyers through an automated supply chain, thus avoiding intermediaries, commercial barriers, and overcoming the limited digitalization of the wine industry.

UNFIA provides producers with quick and easy access to world markets, while offering savings and a wider choice for buyers.

Thipibo S.r.l. (BO)

Thipibo arranges medium and long term rent agreements for students and off-site workers.

Our focus is on the individuals involved, providing a profile of users with relevant information, interests, habits, and lifestyle details to ensure identification of ideal cohabitants and harmonious communal living.

We support the search process with algorithms to match up profiles that most resemble each other.