Italylunch (BO)

ITALYLUNCH is the first Italian cooking fast-food outlet in Europe based on the Food & Travel formula. The objective is to provide customers with traditional Italian meals with marked regional characteristics at a low enough cost to be affordable even for those with limited funds.

U&D Italia (BO)

This startup deals with the production, promotion, distribution, research and development of dried food products and ingredients, focusing closely on the demands of final customers

U&D Italia interpret dried vegetable products as a new potential for sustainable consumption, used to create well-balanced meals, ready-made sauces for pasta or rice, cooking stock, oven-ready products, snacks, salads, and many other read-to-use foodstuffs.

Frescobreak SRL (PR)

The company operates in the sale of high quality foodstuffs using refrigerators equipped with external monitors that dispense products using credit cards, apps, or other electronic instruments.

Each product on sale is tagged for real-time signalling to the data server of sales and fridge shelf time.


Kinsect have developed an industrial process for producing protein flour for animal feed, based on large scale insect breeding.

The startup is in a sector that is growing rapidly in response to a need for protein sources. The EU imports more than 60% of the protein used for animal feed and a recent general increase in prices has been caused by growing demand from breeders, falling fish yields from the sea, expansion limits on agricultural land, and also climate change.

Born to Bake Academy (BO)

Born to Bake Academy emerged from an idea of Francesco Gigliotti, a professional caterer, with the direct involvement of researchers at the University of Bologna, Agricultural Faculty, and entrepreneurs from the agricultural world.

Treelivery (BO)

Treelivery is an online platform for optimizing the process of purchasing ornamental trees and nature in general.

The service optimizes the match between buyer's needs and tree, effective delivery, and subsequent support during cultivation.

In order to increase the probability of success when purchasing and cultivating trees, we apply scientific knowledge to select illumination levels, irrigation methods, humidity, and location.

Green Project Comm Srl (FC)

Green Project Comm Srl is an innovative startup founded with the objective of innovating and renewing the Italian food production chain by orienting it towards more mindful, zero-km consumption.

Green Project has found its vocation in this area, demonstrating that in a short time (in fact, a very short time) the application of suitable software and good practice, makes it possible to generate significant turnover in this sector with negligible investment, simply by paying close attention to a few key points.

Food Hub (FC)

The Food Hub SRL Benefit Company is an innovative startup that supports the food and agriculture ecosystem with information, training, and consultancy services for stakeholders in the sector.

The mission is to participate in growth and innovation in our sector through constant provision of quality services.

The aim is to become a yardstick in Italy for innovation in the food and agriculture sector.