Indispensa (BO)

INDISPENSA is the platform that enables HoReCa sector clients to order Italy’s best regional gastronomic products directly from the producer, with no additional steps or costs.

Packtin (RE)

Packtin is a spin-off of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia that was created after years of research on edible packaging. The products we offer are biodegradable and edible films and coatings that improve the preservation of fresh food, reducing waste and the use of plastic packaging and increasing food safety.

BEEing (RA)

BEEing is a startup born of Roberto and Gabriele's passion for apiculture. Representing a fundamental element of Nature, bees not only produce honey (a delicious and healthy sweetener) but more importantly, they pollinate flowers and allow fruit to grow.

DNAPhone (PR)

DNAPhone creates optoelectronic devices for portable diagnostics that are capable of quick, simple analysis, integrating with widely used devices such as tablets or smartphones.

Vincitech Innovation (FC)

Vincitech  mission is to develop technologies, processes and formulations for producing better food improving the health of people and animals, in particular for the implementation of the Protocol of the "Health Plan Filiere" that regulates the production from "seed to table".

The innovation is based on the several technologies present in the Risto-Point, that allow the distribution food without the presence of chefs, or of the staff and the equipment traditionally needed for a restaurant kitchen, with only high trained service staff.

HK - Horticultural Knowledge (BO)

Accredited by the University of Bologna and established as a limited company in 2011, HK - Horticultural Knowledge represents the coming together of a team of agronomy researchers and consultants with many years of freelance experience. It is active in the following areas: the cultivation of fruit trees, especially pome but also kiwi and grapes; activities related to and in support of the collection and production of fruit.

The new enterprise's mission is threefold: