Energy and the Environment

Minerva Systems (MO)

Minerva Systems provides system software that optimizes the design and simplifies implementation of applications that have predictable multi-critical parameters and are based on AI for the next generation of integrated systems.

Minerva Systems is a startup and spinoff of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

It operates with a team of around a dozen people in Modena (Italy) and Munich (Germany).

Mama Science (BO)

MAMA SCIENCE srls is an innovative startup in advanced materials research, nanotechnologies, and biomaterials obtained through proprietary processes inspired by natural phenomena, for sustainable development that protects the natural environment.

Mama Science have fine tuned two proprietary technologies leading to the development of two different categories of innovative materials.

Squiseat (BO)

Our service allows customers to purchase unsold food products at 50% of their list price through our proprietary application; this allows a drastic decrease of food waste by simplifying the resale of products that would otherwise be thrown away.

We ensure total transparency of the service regarding product quality and care for customer needs.


WHATaECO is an innovative female startup and the first low impact B2C e-commerce that promotes ethical and sustainable brands throughout the European Union.

The site is powered 100% with clean energy, the logistics is based on drop shipping without a warehouse, with transport halved and compensated, and rigorously plastic-free packaging. The site currently markets a range of over 3000 ethical and sustainable products from more than 170 Italian and foreign brands.

ReFuel Solutions S.r.l. (MO)

ReFuel Solutions was born out of the urgent need to decarbonize the transport sector for goods and people.

A functioning vehicle with a number of years of life remaining cannot simply be scrapped due to the substantial environmental impact of scrapping and the expense of substitution.

ReFuel has invented a product for such vehicles, instead adapting them to satisfy the new environmental requirements: BiodieselKit.

ResoH + (MO)

The main aim of REsoH+ is to promote the development of technologies capable of producing energy (H2, heat and electricity) from renewable sources efficiently, encouraging their expansion on the market thanks to the use of lower environmental impact techniques compared to traditional methods.