Energia e Ambiente

Natù (RN)

The project called “A Tree for the Future” started as a national campaign for urban reforestation, preservation of green areas, creation of environmental education programs in schools, and activation of programs for social inclusion of fragile individuals.

Eso Recycling (RN)

ESO RECYCLING is rooted in a business idea of Nicolas Meletiou, who, during his extensive experience in the sector, has always believed that refuse could be exploited to become a resource.

Long before anyone was talking about the circular economy, Nicolas Meletiou was dreaming up and designing recycling and reassessment of office and sports waste.

Re-Sport (BO)

RE-SPORT is an innovative startup and a spin-off with the participation of the University of Bologna. We develop innovative technologies for the recycling and development of sports equipment and everyday products in plastic and compound materials.

RE-SPORT develops all the necessary steps towards the recycling of multi-material items at the end of their lifecycle, from proof-of-concept to design of finished systems, combined with the assessment of environmental impact and economic factors in the process.

Ecoinnovazione (BO)

Ecoinnovazione is a spin-off from ENEA, accredited as an industrial research laboratory in the Emilia-Romagna High-Tech network. We offer companies and public authorities customized solutions for the assessment and promotion of sustainability in the environmental, economic, and social dimensions. We develop products while also addressing organizations and local territory.

T-Green Smart Solutions - Società Benefit Srl (PR)

T-Green Smart Solutions intends to help create and spread a culture of sustainable use of energy, promoting the use of “green” energy sources and educating for informed and efficient energy consumption. This involves improving the performance of building and industrial systems with an integrated systemic approach based on process optimization, system upgrades, and innovation.

Wonder (MO)

Wonder is a Type B Social Cooperative operating in the energy field and making products specifically designed for assembly by disabled individuals.

Our current flagship product is WonderBoost, an auxiliary battery or intelligent multipurpose “electric water bottle”, that can increase vehicle autonomy, in particular e-bikes.

WonderBoost is provided with a management system based on our patent submission. This Battery Management System, or BMS, guarantees maximum safety through three main features:


WHATaECO is an innovative female startup and the first low impact B2C e-commerce that promotes ethical and sustainable brands throughout the European Union.

The site is powered 100% with clean energy, the logistics is based on drop shipping without a warehouse, with transport halved and compensated, and rigorously plastic-free packaging. The site currently markets a range of over 3000 ethical and sustainable products from more than 170 Italian and foreign brands.


Augea Energia Srl is an innovative startup founded from the idea of creating a technical and commercial structure with integrated services for the Energy Saving and Technologies 4.0 sector.

Our aim is to be a reference for companies constantly looking for innovative high performance technological solutions for improving energy efficiency.

At Augea Energia we strive to develop new technologies that optimize energy consumption mainly using renewable, unlimited, free energy sources.