Scienze della Vita

Microhemp (MO)

Microhemp Lab is a startup specialized in growing cannabis plants applying advanced techniques for tissue culture. The laboratory uses a variety of technologies and methods to obtain high quality hemp plants that are genetically stable and free of pathogens and contaminants.

BathBact (RN)

BathBact is offered as a green alternative to chemical treatment of wastewater. A cocktail of microbes is used to degrade contaminants and recuperate the waste.

Our first product is a mobile tank completely free of chemical substances and capable of breaking down waste through the action of aerobic microorganisms.

Eugea (BO)

Eugea is an Italian acronym for ecology, urban gardens, and environment, originally a spin-off from the University of Bologna, it was set up by entomology researchers and teachers with the aim of bringing nature back into cities.

LPTech (FE)

The state of art in cranioplasty (implanting sections of skull) is hampered by numerous issues: the high cost of operating theatres and implant prostheses (average total of €12,000), an extended learning curve for surgeons, aesthetic and functional imperfections, and non-repeatability in emergency cases.

Turingsense EU Lab (FC)

Turingsense EU Lab was born as a catalyser and innovator in the area of engineering applied to human movement.

Turingsense EU Lab provides a research & development consultancy service for analysing human movement using wearable sensor systems.

Turingsense EU Lab works in close collaboration with their customers, all the way from definition of design specifications to final customized solutions.

JEM Tech (PR)

JEM Tech was born out of experience in operating theatres during doctorate teaching in Verona hospital.

A lack of assessment of cardiac kinetics was observed during surgical operations due to limitations in current technology.

JEM Tech therefore developed and built the first videocardiograph (VCG), a non-invasive medical device based on artificial intelligence (A.I.) capable of assessing the mechanical operation of the heart in real-time using only a video camera.

eSteps (BO)

eSteps acts to counter increasing motor disability in the lower limbs, providing monitoring solutions before, during, and after hospitalization. It applies biomechanical and telerehabilitation protocols along with sports telemonitoring. These combine with hi-tech customized, sustainable solutions that prioritize patients and sportsmen.

Bioverse (RN)

Bioverse is a start-up that develops and markets electromedical equipment specially designed for emergency and low resource contexts.

Bioverse's mission is to reduce a gap in the health service, by exploiting the approaches of reverse engineering and frugal innovation.

The main product of Bioverse is Corax, an innovative device that monitors ambient conditions for patients with repressed immune defences, and in particular children suffering from burns.