Innovative Services

Includia Srl (MO)

Includia is an innovative startup born out of the experience of its founders in the sphere of immersive technologies with the objective of helping people to improve their quality of life and ensure the integration of all individuals into society regardless of any limiting factors.

Social inclusion, integration, equal opportunities, social responsibility and commitment are the values we uphold, striving for innovation and working for technological and social transformation.

Outflix S.r.l. (BO)

Outflix is the first crowdfashion platform that combines style and sustainability, matching two completely different target populations: those who have too much, share with those who have too little.

This creates a virtuous community, perfect for renting clothes and creating new combinations.

We have developed an algorithm based on a few body measurements that helps define limited groups of women who share the same body shape.

Commodo (BO)

A startup that develops innovative projects in the catering sector for safe and comfortable outdoor dining facilities with attractive tables and seating, operational autonomy, and equipped with IT management systems.

Amplesso, Faustina, and Aurelio is a system comprising seating, table, and an autonomous, independent heating system that prevents food getting cold and maintains comfort for diners.

Sinteria S.r.l. (MO)

SINTERIA SRL is an innovative startup established in 2021 from the Additive Manufacturing division of the company Controllo Qualità srl. Its aim is to become a benchmark company in the development of new materials for the additive manufacturing world.

Our daily mission is to provide advanced services that improve the efficiency of additive manufacturing processes.

Cloudvision (MO)

Cloudvision is an Intelligent Assisted Reality platform with native integration of Unified Communication and Artificial intelligence technologies.

It provides contextualized digital support for on-site workers equipped with professional smartglasses or smartphones with internet access.

An easy to use web interface enables users to create and access virtual rooms where audio/video collaboration sessions can be conducted in real-time and involving multiple participants.

Food Hub (FC)

The Food Hub SRL Benefit Company is an innovative startup that supports the food and agriculture ecosystem with information, training, and consultancy services for stakeholders in the sector.

The mission is to participate in growth and innovation in our sector through constant provision of quality services.

The aim is to become a yardstick in Italy for innovation in the food and agriculture sector.

Welly (BO)

Welly is an innovative startup with the objective of reinventing the food delivery world in the spirit of sustainability.

With our experience analysing the carbon footprint of foodstuffs, we are able to offer restaurants simple digital solutions for calculating the environmental impact of their menu and enable compensations through the most important European foundations.


Nexter srl is an innovative startup established in 2021 and based in Rubiera (RE).

Our mission is to design and manufacture innovative technological solutions based on electronics and IT to make our world ever more integrated, free, and collaborative.

We are faithful to Italian design culture all the way from conception to design. Italian creativity and technology is built into all our products.