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ITALYLUNCH is the first Italian cooking fast-food outlet in Europe based on the Food & Travel formula. The objective is to provide customers with traditional Italian meals with marked regional characteristics at a low enough cost to be affordable even for those with limited funds. Simultaneously, this format aims to allow foreign customers to discover the fabulous possibilities that exist within Italy, revealing the regional culinary variability and providing the opportunity to visit and explore the peninsula on a modest budget.

The “Expresso Cooking System” developed by ITALYLUNCH enables foreign customers to enjoy hot, fast, low cost, high quality meals. Waiting times are comparable with those of the major foreign fast-food chains around the world, but serving genuine Italian dishes and raw materials.

Each outlet is referenced to a specific Italian region. This serves firstly to promote and raise awareness of our regions with their local specialities and natural beauty. However, customers also have the option of booking special holiday packages within the same reference Italian regions directly from the ITALYLUNCH food outlets they are visiting in cities all over Europe.

To achieve this, the company foresees the development, realization, and marketing of their own advanced technology Web Portal for the sale of tourist packages based on affiliated local regional operators around Italy. On their meal purchase receipts customers will be issued alphanumeric codes (QR-Codes). If they open these within a set time and leave a customer satisfaction rating on the company’s Web Portal, they will be entitled to book the holiday package that most interests them from the same site. The Web Portal recognizes where and when each customer ate and proposes a wide choice of potential local experiences within the reference Italian region of the fast-food outlet. After a regional experience has been selected, the Web Portal then offers customers the option of also booking transport and/or accommodation for the trip to Italy chosen from among the many options on the Portal.

At the same time the Web Portal acquires information about the different customers and saves it in the central database. This includes their culinary preferences and the menus they chose at the food outlets, enabling profiling of customers for their habits and food preferences regarding Italian culinary traditions, also identifying variations within the wider European context.

In other words, ITALYLUNCH customers will be able to taste Italian regional culinary specialties while also using the company Web Portal to book specific holidays in Italy that provide unique local regional interest, continuing to fully live out the Italian experience that began with a fast-food meal in a physical outlet.

To achieve this ITALYLUNCH can rely on the skills of the two co-founders, Pier Paolo Ciriello and Salvatore Petitto, both with past experience in the food sector:

  • Pier Paolo Ciriello, graduated in chemical engineering at the University of Naples Federico II. He worked first in the pharmaceutical and air distillation industries where he held positions in the area of maintenance engineering. He then worked as Project Director in the Oil & Gas sector in various foreign countries for multinational companies in the petrochemicals sector (Saipem, Bonatti), ending up in his final position as Technical Manager and Technical and Services Purchasing Manager for a multinational in the collective catering world.
  • Salvatore Petitto, graduated in civil engineering at the University of Calabria and started work as a computer programmer for centralized warehouse management systems. He was maintenance manager in the food industry for important industrial actors, later becoming Site and Production Manager for a major food industry player (La Doria), finally becoming an Industrial and R&D Director in the collective catering world.


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