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The Banca della Calce (Lime Bank) offers materials and services for sustainable architecture and architectural restoration. It is a reference supplier for private citizens, technicians, and companies that strive to use healthy ecological building materials. We offer high quality lime and certified derivative products manufactured in Italy. We are based in Bologna but operate all over the country and abroad.

Our mission is to spread the culture of lime and its use in building. The Banca della Calce is a custodian of the tradition of lime in building, drawing on a heritage of history and tradition, backed up with specialized scientific know-how. Our products, courses, and dedicated events promote the use of this extraordinary material by architects, designers, tradesmen, and private users.

Products and services offered
Our products can be divided into four categories:

  1. CalceQualità: certified raw materials, products ready for use and mixing, designed for building restoration and new constructions, compliant with eco-building principles.
  2. CalceCanapa: a line of products and solutions for restoration and eco-building based on lime and hemp for thermo-acoustic insulation, focused on ecology, savings, and living comfort.
  3. CalceLatte: a lime based paint line, ecological and natural, for interior and exterior use. Soft warm colours combined with the sanitizing action of lime for beautiful, healthy, and clean settings.
  4. Tadelakt: an unusual waterproof plaster from Morocco based on Marrakech lime, to recreate the magical and elegant atmosphere of Turkish baths, and other environments in soft, warm, embracing shades.

Our services can be summarized as follows:

  • Consultation and support in the choice of materials depending on the works to be carried out and objectives to be achieved.
  • We maintain a network of professionals, tile layers, trusted tradesmen and companies, all experts in natural materials to call upon for top class results.

Other information
The keywords for building in the third millennium are ecology, energy savings, and wellness at home. Environmental sustainability and the circular economy are central themes that can no longer be avoided and which are increasingly gaining ground as the only possible model for the future. Our natural, ecological, and recyclable lime-based products adapt perfectly to the needs of the eco-building and restoration worlds.



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