Building and Construction

Dr Fire (MO)

The idea and strategy at the foundation of its business plan is to revolutionize the sector and the way of providing safety and fire prevention to the market of companies and end consumers, combining strategic vision, technological and business innovation, sector specialization, strong marketing focus on client service, multi-channel distribution, and efficiency and financial sustainability in order to create a strong, distinctive and non-replicable competitive advantage.


bimO open innovation is the first innovative startup in the field of architecture, engineering and building to transform the breakthrough effect of BIM digital innovation - Building Information Modelling - into a competitive advantage. Project (BO)

Builti Srl was created in 2018 with the development of the “RE.SIS.TO. Project” in collaboration with the University of Bologna.

The company operates in the field of the development, application, and management of systems of structural diagnostics, monitoring and implementation of advanced rapid analysis models, in support of civil engineering (strategic and relevant buildings, infrastructure, domestic and industrial construction) and of restoration (buildings and historical structures).

JOS Technology (PC)

JOS Technology is an innovative startup founded in 2013 by the architect Marco Ariani, with the industrial partner LIGRA Srl joining at the end of 2015.

JOS is an internationally patented technology, the first Smart Energy Surface where every connection point is a high power socket on which to hook and power tens of different devices directly on the surface, saving great amounts of energy, space and money.


UP Urban Planning Ltd is an engineering company that deals in a multidisciplinary way with local urban transformation  through the use of decision support tools and urban data to integrate multiple contexts.

The planning activity is always focused on avoiding the creation of a duality between sustainability projects and users behaviour, a duality that is often the source of inequity.
Urban Planning is thus making use of economic and financial strategies in order to translate the idea into reality.