Quinck is a group of capable young people motivated towards contributing to technological and social progress by specializing in the design and development of innovative technologies, in particular the IoT, cloud computing, and software.

Applying a flexible approach combining consultancy and R&D of innovative solutions, we represent dynamic and adaptable technological partners for the innovation of products and processes.

The problem-solving core of the group comprises 4 IT engineers and is well integrated for the necessary collaboration and co-working with management and open innovation experts that make up the Quinck staff.

Our predisposition to effectively manage collaboration and transfer of know-how underlies the strong network that forms the basis for Quinck's productive activity and operations. Our start-up benefits from the support of Antreem srl, vertical providers in the design and development of IT solutions.

We have experience in the development of high-tech solutions for data collection and analysis, digitalization and automation in Agri-Tech, Smart City, and Industry 4.0 contexts.

We will reveal what technology can do for you. Visit our website to get a clearer picture of our capabilities.