CShark s.r.l. (PC)

CShark S.r.l. was founded in 2018 by Alessandro Fanni in order to create IT solutions at all levels.

CShark consists in a team of experts in the field of Information Technology, always available to customers to offer a wide range of services and products in order to handle different issues. We are able to create IT solutions thanks to our internal resources and national and international partnerships.

Cloudtec s.r.l. (MO)

Cloudtec mission is to support its Clients in their Digital Transformation journey, offering integrated solutions and services with the aim to make simple and safe the adoption of the latest cloud-driven innovations.

Cloudtec assists customers in modeling their organization and processes to be able to take the best advantage from the use of the Cloud technologies with particular regard to data security, systems management and orchestration aspects.

Tecnopolo di Ferrara

The Ferrara Technopole is the place where businesses can meet researchers, acquire competencies and use current technology to innovate,

40Factory (PC)

40Factory is a technological startup operating in the fields of Industry 4.0 and digitization of industrial machinery, systems and devices.

Our core business is to foster the process of digital transformation of small and medium OEM companies (Original Equipment Manufacturer), working with them on the development and adoption of hardware and software solutions aimed at optimizing the operation efficiency of equipment and facilitating new business opportunities, through the servitization process.

JOS Technology (PC)

JOS Technology is an innovative startup founded in 2013 by the architect Marco Ariani, with the industrial partner LIGRA Srl joining at the end of 2015.

JOS is an internationally patented technology, the first Smart Energy Surface where every connection point is a high power socket on which to hook and power tens of different devices directly on the surface, saving great amounts of energy, space and money.


Hooro, through its proprietary device and integrated system, collects data on consumer behaviour in the physical stores and before their check-out. 

A IoT system sends the purchase data to the server, which uses an automatic learning algorithm to build customer journey models and predict customer buying behaviours. 

Unlike other solutions on the market (Computer Vision, RFiD tags, NFC), Hooro IoT device has no impact on product packaging, and a very minimal impact on the store structure, and it generates data for both retailers and consumers. 

BEEing (RA)

BEEing is a startup born of Roberto and Gabriele's passion for apiculture. Representing a fundamental element of Nature, bees not only produce honey (a delicious and healthy sweetener) but more importantly, they pollinate flowers and allow fruit to grow.