mylime (BO)

Our platform enables Luxury brands to guarantee the authenticity of product over its lifecycle, through the most secure Blockchain Technology.

Genius4U (BO)

Genius4U is a platform dedicated to company welfare that offers businesses and employees a wide range of services, directly within the workplace, to help manage every-day life errands, such as laundry, tailoring, car maintanance, groceries, day-care etc.

This way, we help people save time increasing quality of life, and companies strengthen their relationship with employees, be more productive and more attractive to new talents.

Stars & Cows (MO)

Stars & Cows è una start up innovativa nata nel 2015 con l'obiettivo di fornire alle aziende, ai giovani ed al territorio servizi in ambito Risorse Umane e Consulenza professionale, avvalendosi anche di una rete di ex Senior Manager.

Fareraccolta (RN)

FARERACCOLTA is a marketing project that creates a "CLEAN ECONOMY". The project aims to use a percentage of the advertising budgets that businesses invest in the communication of information and turn it into an experience that allows people to do good deeds, making savings and satisfying their own needs in the process.

The value of communication is converted into products, services and technologies that improve the lives of people and the regions in which they live.

Città Digitale (RA)

Città Digitale works with the technology of interactive displays for relaying information and advertising in towns and cities.

With capacitive technology in position behind the glass, displays become touchscreen accessible.

Città Digitale's business is divided into two segments:

BAM! Strategie Culturali (BO)

BAM! Cultural Strategies is a company specialising in innovative design and planning and communication services for private companies, non-profit organisations and public institutions who would like to implement creative projects and solutions.

Composed of professionals specialised in cultural economics and project management, with an international education background and experience in the Bologna Art Managers association, BAM! works in the creative industries, tourism and geomarketing, and in the cultural sector.

BAM! services include: