Yoyiyo (BO)

Yoyiyo is managed by MTI Srl and offers unique customized travel experiences, unlike standard travel agency packages. They have a team of Italian and Chinese experts with in-depth local knowledge, specialized in luxury travel packages to Italy

The innovation of Yoyiyo lies in its emphasis on direct experiences and interactions for Chinese customers who are culturally, geographically, and linguistically very remote from Western norms.

My Ejob (RA)

My Ejob for individuals.
An innovative web platform that offers travellers and/or companies dedicated and protected spaces for the insertion of their travel itineraries for real-time verification of whether the border entry requirements are satisfied on the basis of the current health status of each country being visited, along with any other standing health obligations.

MSG Network (MO)

A new service called is offered to real estate agents and builders. It is designed to provide objective answers regarding the visibility of advertised property units, while at the same time also giving accurate information to potential buyers of the same (customers of the estate agents and builders).

Exsulting (PC)

Exsulting provides rating services as well as strategic and operational consultancy for companies in the integrated sustainability field.

We apply proprietary instruments like the Embedded Sustainability Index®, the CASE® Method, and the SGIS© Integrated Sustainability Management System.

We mainly support industrial companies, in all sectors and of all sizes.

Alma Virtual Lab (BO)


Alma Virtual Lab was founded to bring the benefits of the new immersive technologies into sectors where development of knowledge and skills is central (education, instruction, professional training), and where artistic and technical culture (museums, theatres, events) can be divulgated in an innovative way.

Alexandria (BO)

Alexandria produces and sells reusable antimicrobial bottles implementing a silver technology to eliminate unpleasant odours and tastes in the liquid contents.

They preserve the health and drinks of consumers, eliminating bacteria, microbes, spores, and algae. The effect functions constantly over the entire surface and endures over time without ever disappearing.

Redess (PR)

Redess Srl is the first Italian and European certified organic supply chain for SUMAC.

The potential markets for our innovative sumac based products include: food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and industrial applications (biocides and insecticides).

Redess have the benefit of collaborating with the universities of Parma, Milan, Camerino, and Palermo.

Horeca Job (PC)

Horeca Job is an innovative platform that aims to revolutionize the paradigm for finding and selecting personnel for the Ho.Re.Ca (hotel, restaurant, and catering) sector, which is among the most badly affected sectors by the Covid pandemic.

Traditional methods based on advertisements and submitting CVs are no longer adequate to rapidly return to full staffing levels and satisfy the new needs of candidates and companies.

NowMyPlace (PR)

NowMyPlace Srl is an intermediation company operating in the experiential travel sector.

They currently serve the area around Lake Garda but plan to expand activity to other tourist areas that match their mission parameters. The company interfaces consumers through the e-commerce platform,