Alleviamo is a startup founded in 2018 on the strength of Sergio Lusetti’s enthusiasm for innovation in pig farming since 1947. 

Channelled flooring was identified in the earliest European Commission BREF at the beginning of the 2000s as among the Best Available Techniques (BAT) capable of reducing NH3 emissions in pig farming facilities compared to slatted flooring over deep guttering. It represented a forerunner for the Circular Economy, eliminating the need for water for cleaning floors.

Individual feeding troughs were tested by CRENBA in 2014, revealing their effectiveness for animal wellbeing, limiting feed wastage, differential growth of individuals, and neutralizing hierarchical conflicts at feeding times, which reduces the pollutant effects of the nitrate rich excrement of dominant animals.

Working together with Senini srl, Alleviamo have developed and patented a channelled flooring system consisting of self-locking blocks of vibro-compressed cement. They perfected a chequered channelled flooring system, approved by the Italian MiPAAF as suitable for organic production.

Alleviamo achieved 15th place in the RER Startup Competition classification with their development project for an integrated flooring sanitation and precision feeding system for pig farming. This includes implementation and fine tuning of an integrated precision floor flushing system and liquid feed outlets, ensuring the maintenance and biosafety of the channelled flooring and individual feeding trough system patented by Sergio Lusetti.

The project will be developed under the scientific supervision of the UNIMORE – “Enzo Ferrari” Engineering Department. The CRPA of Reggio Emilia will conduct a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study. Dr Annalisa Scollo will assess the impact of the individual feeding troughs on animal wellbeing during weaning in relation to tail biting, applying the checklists provided by Classyfarm, defined by the Brescia IZSLER.



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