Le Serre di ART-ER


ART-ER Greenhouses (Le Serre di ART-ER) is the right place to develop an innovative business idea.

The Accelerator, located in a beautiful urban park close to the city center in Bologna, hosts 6 offices dedicated to innovative startups, which  are allocated according to the participation a public call, on the basis of the innovation and creativity degree of the proposals.

An additional office is dedicated to startup mobility and international exchanges.

In the same building there are two meeting rooms and a relax area available, together with the headquarters of EmiliaRomagnaStartup.

The acceleration path, designed on best practices learned in Europe and in Silicon Valley, provides targeted tutorship, training and consultancies.

Le Serre is one of the AREA S3 regional access points for advice services on business idea development.

It also hosts experts and consultants in residence, available for startup for specific issues as tax, legal and technical aspects.