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Welly is an innovative startup with the objective of reinventing the food delivery world in the spirit of sustainability.

With our experience analysing the carbon footprint of foodstuffs, we are able to offer restaurants simple digital solutions for calculating the environmental impact of their menu and enable compensations through the most important European foundations.

Using smart labelling supported by a blockchain tool, we are able to provide important information for final consumers as regards traceability, carbon footprint, with personal engagement through gamification.

Welly reinvents the virtual brand model for food delivery, going beyond the dark kitchen model and opening the first Green Kitchen in Bologna.

We propose a workshop supplied entirely with renewable sources, with interconnected, state-of-art instruments. It can host chefs and aspirants, free to offer their products under new brands and approach the home delivery sector through the main portals, entering a sector that is growing rapidly year by year, and with lower costs compared to traditional catering.

The company was founded by four brothers, each with a different background, combining experiences in the sectors of food delivery, international catering, finance, and farming.

Welly is a social project that aims to combine company growth with environmental protection through social objectives of inclusion and solidarity. As described in Welly's Values Charter (WE), every dish sold by the Green Kitchen is associated with a solidarity project of dissemination, striving for a viral effect in the local territory for best company practice, following the philosophy of “saving the world, one mouthful at a time!”

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