Advanced Manufacturing Systems

Italylunch (BO)

ITALYLUNCH is the first Italian cooking fast-food outlet in Europe based on the Food & Travel formula. The objective is to provide customers with traditional Italian meals with marked regional characteristics at a low enough cost to be affordable even for those with limited funds.

U&D Italia (BO)

This startup deals with the production, promotion, distribution, research and development of dried food products and ingredients, focusing closely on the demands of final customers

U&D Italia interpret dried vegetable products as a new potential for sustainable consumption, used to create well-balanced meals, ready-made sauces for pasta or rice, cooking stock, oven-ready products, snacks, salads, and many other read-to-use foodstuffs.

Exsulting (PC)

Exsulting provides rating services as well as strategic and operational consultancy for companies in the integrated sustainability field.

We apply proprietary instruments like the Embedded Sustainability Index®, the CASE® Method, and the SGIS© Integrated Sustainability Management System.

We mainly support industrial companies, in all sectors and of all sizes.

Frescobreak SRL (PR)

The company operates in the sale of high quality foodstuffs using refrigerators equipped with external monitors that dispense products using credit cards, apps, or other electronic instruments.

Each product on sale is tagged for real-time signalling to the data server of sales and fridge shelf time.


MO-TEC srl is an innovative startup operating in the motor vehicle sector, in particular providing equipment for the vehicle workshop, aerospace, and mining sectors.

The company has two partners supported by an external consultant.

Our core business is AN ELECTRONICALLY AUTOMATED LIFTING SYSTEM, for which we hold our own PATENTED system.

Alma Virtual Lab (BO)


Alma Virtual Lab was founded to bring the benefits of the new immersive technologies into sectors where development of knowledge and skills is central (education, instruction, professional training), and where artistic and technical culture (museums, theatres, events) can be divulgated in an innovative way.