Limited liability company

Squiseat (BO)

Our service allows customers to purchase unsold food products at 50% of their list price through our proprietary application; this allows a drastic decrease of food waste by simplifying the resale of products that would otherwise be thrown away.

We ensure total transparency of the service regarding product quality and care for customer needs.

Alexandria SRL (BO)

Alexandria plans to market a fully antimicrobial bottle that can be opened into two parts, following a logic of high environmental sustainability through an extended product life cycle.

It protects health and consumer drinks by killing bacteria, microbes, spores, and algae acting constantly over its entire surface with an effect that persists over time without ever expiring.

It requires no electronic components in order to operate because the action is passive.

Bearingram S.r.l. (PC)

The corporate purpose is the development, production, and marketing, also by e-commerce, of innovative products and services. More specifically this means the development, production, and marketing of a web platform designed to facilitate commercial/production interactions between operators in the mechanical products market, aiming to improve the interface between sellers and potential customers, with special attention to the bearing and pneumatics sectors.

Speediti (BO)

Speediti exploits technology to connect drivers with on-board space available and people delivering to the same destination.

Drivers recuperate expenses for a journey they would have made in any case.

Senders have a quick, safe, and easy way to deliver things.

Delivery is ultra fast since delivery time is exactly the same as travel time. Each individual delivery is always covered by insurance, included in the price.

Studio Croma Animation srl (BO)

Studio Croma Animation is an animation studio specialized in the production of cinematic works and audio-visual content for advertising and Internet. They apply the stop-motion technique, using sequences of photographs to create movement and lend personality to objects and inanimate puppets.

The creative process that distinguishes their products is characterized by a perfect mix of hand-crafted construction techniques, technology, and digital processing.

Bugslab (PR)

Bugslab is an innovative startup founded in 2021 with the aim of producing the most sustainable animal protein on the planet.
To achieve this objective, Bugslab focuses on the production of insects for use in pet food (whole or as food components for cats and dogs) and animal feed. In the coming years Bugslab also intend to develop their own brand for the sale of products for humans based on insect flour.

Turingsense EU Lab (FC)

Turingsense EU Lab was born as a catalyser and innovator in the area of engineering applied to human movement.

Turingsense EU Lab provides a research & development consultancy service for analysing human movement using wearable sensor systems.

Turingsense EU Lab works in close collaboration with their customers, all the way from definition of design specifications to final customized solutions.

Meck Market (MO)

Meck Market is a B2B platform for trading industrial assets, new/used machinery, and technical plants.
Based on the MM platform, it is possible to interact with a large number of manufacturing companies in Europe, collaborating with an “Open Innovation” logic.
The innovation of Meck Market's platform is that it does not limit the process to publication of lifeless advertisements.
The presentation is instead the outcome of a customized collaboration with each company and therefore with each individual owner.