Makadamia is an e-commerce operator in the foodstuffs sector that aims to become a yardstick for everyone in search of a healthy and tasty daily snack, or top quality ingredients for their own recipes.

The underlying elements of this project are customization, eco-sustainability, and high quality raw materials. 

Frescobreak SRL (PR)

The company operates in the sale of high quality foodstuffs using refrigerators equipped with external monitors that dispense products using credit cards, apps, or other electronic instruments.

Each product on sale is tagged for real-time signalling to the data server of sales and fridge shelf time.

Welly (BO)

Welly is an innovative startup with the objective of reinventing the food delivery world in the spirit of sustainability.

With our experience analysing the carbon footprint of foodstuffs, we are able to offer restaurants simple digital solutions for calculating the environmental impact of their menu and enable compensations through the most important European foundations.

Foodstation (FC)

Foodstation operates in the food delivery sector and was founded with the aspiration of creating a high quality service, dedicating maximum care to the needs of final customers, caterers, and including medium to high grade restaurants within its circuit.

The Web platform was designed and developed ad hoc for maximum automation of work processes, allowing personnel to dedicate all their attention to customers.

Sluurpy (BO)

The very best of Food&Beverage: this is what Sluurpy is. 

Since 2018, our goal has been to drastically reduce the distances between consumers, restaurants and brands. 

To date, we  put 1.5 million registered users in contact with brands, producers and restaurants: from gastronomic stars to takeaways, from local producers to large chains throughout Italy. 

BEEing (RA)

BEEing is a startup born of Roberto and Gabriele's passion for apiculture. Representing a fundamental element of Nature, bees not only produce honey (a delicious and healthy sweetener) but more importantly, they pollinate flowers and allow fruit to grow.

Ufoody (MO)

Ufoody collaborates with the food industry's most prestigious companies to select the best food and to provide a wealth of taste and quality for all those who love great eating and the lifestyle that accompanies it.