Innovative Services

Bearingram S.r.l. (PC)

The corporate purpose is the development, production, and marketing, also by e-commerce, of innovative products and services. More specifically this means the development, production, and marketing of a web platform designed to facilitate commercial/production interactions between operators in the mechanical products market, aiming to improve the interface between sellers and potential customers, with special attention to the bearing and pneumatics sectors.

Speediti (BO)

Speediti exploits technology to connect drivers with on-board space available and people delivering to the same destination.

Drivers recuperate expenses for a journey they would have made in any case.

Senders have a quick, safe, and easy way to deliver things.

Delivery is ultra fast since delivery time is exactly the same as travel time. Each individual delivery is always covered by insurance, included in the price.

AgrichaINitalia Soc. Coop. (RA)

The main objective of AgrichaINitalia is to provide traceability and information “from field to table”, with a focus on individual raw materials and applying blockchain and other digital technologies.
The innovative and revolutionary aspect is that these digital technologies decentralize the information, so that once entered it cannot be modified or cancelled from the register, creating added value for products by conserving their history.

Meck Market (MO)

Meck Market is a B2B platform for trading industrial assets, new/used machinery, and technical plants.
Based on the MM platform, it is possible to interact with a large number of manufacturing companies in Europe, collaborating with an “Open Innovation” logic.
The innovation of Meck Market's platform is that it does not limit the process to publication of lifeless advertisements.
The presentation is instead the outcome of a customized collaboration with each company and therefore with each individual owner.


The underlying aim of the ”Rfmcube” computer program is to enable small to middle-sized companies active on Internet to increase the effectiveness of their online marketing strategies with an easy-to-use but exceptionally specific instrument. It strikes a balance between the need to achieve growth in sales, and the need to reduce management costs for company information and marketing processes.


INGIRO srl is an innovative start-up that will deliver a wide range of extremely advanced services for the local tourist system with a marked focus on the environment.

An App will be developed for the delivery of the following services:


DOYLE is a technological eye that monitors the gaze of everyone on the Web and social networks.
Our mission is to offer innovative services that promote creativity and enable companies to deal with new challenges through application of artificial intelligence solutions shaped by the judgements of the staff. (RE) è una startup innovativa costituita a Luglio 2020, che si autodefinisce il primo marketplace di vicinato, ovvero un portale web dedicato alle attività commerciali del territorio che sono interessate ad aumentare la propria visibilità online con la possibilità di espandere la potenziale clientela, attraverso questa piattaforma digitale che garantisce uno spazio personale e personalizzabile in cui poter pubblicizzare e vendere i propri prodotti o servizi.