Innovative Services

Eugea (BO)

Eugea springs as a spin-off of the University of Bologna, assembling the researchers of the Applied Ecology group of the Faculty of Agriculture.

Eugea believes that the dignity of a city roots in its capability to host nature into itself, because nature, which is a real big thing, is made up of small little friends. And small gestures growing to greatness.

SocialToApp (RA)

A single tool for all your social media activity at a fixed price and without unpleasant surprises.

It generates short dynamic URLs, QR codes, bio pages, and keeps track of all the analytics.

It enhances engagement and increases profits using easy deep link technology which is supported by more than 50 applications including YouTube, TikTok, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, and many more.

Specifically designed for content creators and agencies, we currently have more than 1000 customers in Italy and abroad.

Robotizr (PR)

Software programming for industrial machinery is a complex operation requiring a qualified technical expert.

Manufacturing companies with industrial machinery (for example, robotic arms) are obliged to hire or train technical staff, or depend on external consultants. Both options result in significant delays and costs.

Robotizr solves this by simplifying and democratising the process.

Horeca Job (PC)

Horeca Job is an innovative platform that aims to revolutionize the paradigm for finding and selecting personnel for the Ho.Re.Ca (hotel, restaurant, and catering) sector, which is among the most badly affected sectors by the Covid pandemic.

Traditional methods based on advertisements and submitting CVs are no longer adequate to rapidly return to full staffing levels and satisfy the new needs of candidates and companies.

Kool (FE)

Kool is an Italian marketplace that enables clothes shops to earn from unsold goods, and users to purchase fashion mystery boxes from the shops involved by taking part in exclusive monthly sales-events.

The company's name derives not just from its assonance with "Cool", but is also an anagram of "Look", with explicit reference to the fashion sector, in which Kool sets itself the aim of redefining the relationship between discount shopping and warehouse remainders, often destined for disposal a non-recyclable waste.

NowMyPlace (PR)

NowMyPlace Srl is an intermediation company operating in the experiential travel sector.

They currently serve the area around Lake Garda but plan to expand activity to other tourist areas that match their mission parameters. The company interfaces consumers through the e-commerce platform,

Quiroom (BO)

Quiroom is an online booking portal (OTA) operating in the tourist sector, that enables hotels to sell "last minute" their rooms that remain empty every night in thousands of hotels around the world.

On Quiroom travellers have the possibility of booking empty rooms just before checking-in with discounts of up to 40% compared to standard prices.

Quiroom's mission is to create shared value for both parties, guests and accommodation facilities alike.