Innovative Services

Burndown Studio (MO)

Burndown Studio supports organizations in their digitization process.

For this purpose, we provide appropriate support in the analysis of the commercial needs related to digitalization, introducing Agile Management logics and providing technological solutions based on ERP, CRM and Big Data.

In the field of Industry 4.0 we develop and commercialise software for production, Internet of things and cybersecurity.

iGrest (PC)

The idea of iGrest emerges from the challenge of providing innovation in a historically non-technological sector such as that of parishes.

As usual, the "problem" to solve was right in front of our eyes, but we had never "seen" it. Those who have children know very well that from June to September they have a major problem: schools end, work does not. How about the children? The answer is: Summer Oratory!

DFA PIACENZA - Dire Fare Andare Piacenza (PC)

DFA Piacenza's main objective is to create a free channel to combine the supply and demand of event search in the Piacenza area, increasing its general visibility.

Initially, the materials management process is carried out manually, then automation is required in the insertion of data by the user, which allows us to manage a greater amount of data and promote the project in other provinces.

WashWash (RN)

WashWash is a portal developed to match the demand of drivers for car washing services. With this new service customers can book the car wash and choose between the different packages and services offered.

The washer will pick up the vehicle at the requested time and return it clean and fresh to the same address. Some packages also offer the option of car washing at home. In this way, the washer will go to the indicated address and wash the vehicle with 100% organic waterless products.

Nanoproject (FE)

Nanoproject is an innovative and highly specialised company in the development and use of nanotechnologies.

Nanotechnologies give new features and properties to superficially treated materials as well as product and process improvements.

Through patents and proprietary technologies this company is constantly introducing new applications in the most varied fields, such as the industrial, civil, automotive, naval, commercial or construction one.

Pop & Smart s.r.l. (MO)

POP & SMART srl was founded in 2018 thanks to the multidsciplinary skills of various professionals with the goal to support technological innovation for companies, their products and services.

It's part of the Climate-KIC Startup Accelerator with the project called "EnShare - Enjoy Sharing" dedicated to the collection and reuse of food waste and other surpluses, in a way that grants incentives for small-medium businesses.