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NonStudio is an innovative startup with the aim of making learning fun, engaging, and effective, casting users as main protagonists within an interactive reality.

We achieve this through the creation and development of video games, and specifically serious games (educational video games), advertgames (promotional video games), applying the methods of interactive gamification.

We are convinced that video games are the ideal form of communication for ensuring users a stimulating experience as they become active participants guiding a virtual context.

They can experiment, test ideas, and make real decisions in an enjoyable effortless process.

The games are not just designed for friendly induction but are also to improve skills above those achieved in traditional approaches. NonStudio ensures this by collaborating with leading national and international figures in the world of education, including joint research with the University of Bologna.
The aim of the startup is to use gamified video storytelling to narrate company processes and products with the objective of creating empathy between users and enterprise, making them co-creators with the company.

The video games are conceived together with our customers and developed using the most recent engines running mobile device applications on-line within websites without having to download anything.

This offers companies a competitive advantage in communications compared to competitors, while also creating a privileged communication channel with customers (from which it is easy to extrapolate useful data through analytics). In brief, Nonstudio develops win-win communication strategies for companies, with users playing and enjoying themselves while getting to know the brand in a competitor free space.




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