Food Hub

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Smart Specialisation Strategy
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The Food Hub SRL Benefit Company is an innovative startup that supports the food and agriculture ecosystem with information, training, and consultancy services for stakeholders in the sector.

The mission is to participate in growth and innovation in our sector through constant provision of quality services.

The aim is to become a yardstick in Italy for innovation in the food and agriculture sector.

The company plans to develop, manufacture, and market innovative products and services using an online platform that brings together informative and instructional content developed in collaboration with a network of experts mainly originating from university food and agriculture departments. They aim to transfer research and innovations developed in Italy and around the world to all interested parties in the food and agriculture sector. The platform will use a set of digital instruments and algorithms to enable automation of the informative content and purchase of training content by the various users in different ways. The collected data will be processed autonomously generating recommendations for users of the best training programme according to the needs they express. The system can then progressively test and assess the skills acquired by users.


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