Born to Bake Academy (BO)

Born to Bake Academy emerged from an idea of Francesco Gigliotti, a professional caterer, with the direct involvement of researchers at the University of Bologna, Agricultural Faculty, and entrepreneurs from the agricultural world.

Food Hub (FC)

The Food Hub SRL Benefit Company is an innovative startup that supports the food and agriculture ecosystem with information, training, and consultancy services for stakeholders in the sector.

The mission is to participate in growth and innovation in our sector through constant provision of quality services.

The aim is to become a yardstick in Italy for innovation in the food and agriculture sector.

FitNation | Feed your motivation (PR)

It all started with a mission: “Help people achieve their aims and express their potential through healthy, eco-sustainable food that is available everywhere”. However, our dream was born long before, when we were looking for a way to solve a problem we shared with many others: FitNation was the logical result of this, providing the best healthy food, fresh and ready to eat, made to measure for your diet.

Taldeg (BO)

Taldeg is an acceleration program on an e-learning platform for training artists and creative individuals, teaching them business and digital techniques. Once our subscribers are trained they can access the best market opportunities by getting into contact with exhibition spaces and companies interested in their artistic services.


REALVT SRL was founded in June 2019 and is an innovative start-up in the production of multimedia content for physical training with a virtual trainer. It includes customized software for management of audio-video devices and creation of automatic schedules for programmed delivery.

Yoomee s.r.l. (BO)

Yoomee Srl is an innovative start-up born in 2019 from the network experience of three Emilia Romagna based companies which operate within the scope of ICT since more than twenty years.

Yoomee Srl designs and actualizes customized solutions, which employ the Augmented Reality technology and apply it to various environments (industry 4.0, smart manufacturing, knowledge transfer, education, art and tourism) maintaining, as a central feature, the added value of the Augmented Reality which allows an easier access to contents and a higher involvement.

Co-Start Villa Garagnani

Coworking space and business incubator of the Municipality of Zola Pedrosa, housed on the first floor of the 18th-century Villa Edvige G


L'associazione StartYouUp (SYU) nasce per offrire un concreto supporto agli studenti e ai laureati che desiderano avvicinarsi al mondo dell’imprenditorialità, in quanto ideatori di un progetto innovativo o mossi dalla volontà di mettere in gioco le proprie competenze. Organizza insieme all’Alma Mater Studiorum lo StartUp Day dell’Università di Bologna.