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Makadamia is an e-commerce operator in the foodstuffs sector that aims to become a yardstick for everyone in search of a healthy and tasty daily snack, or top quality ingredients for their own recipes.

The underlying elements of this project are customization, eco-sustainability, and high quality raw materials. 

Makadamia have developed an online configuration system that offers customers the option of creating their own customized mixtures of dried fruit, dehydrated fruit, and seeds according to their own functional aims. The configurator displays real-time nutritional values and properties for the requested mixtures, with the option of giving them a name, which is then printed on the pouch.

This makes it more than simply an e-commerce outlet, but also a "lifestyle brand" that promotes a healthy, natural, eco-sustainable lifestyle.

Makadamia are 100% plastic free and by means of the iconic Maka Tool (food-grade containers in aluminium) we promote the culture of reuse within the user community. 

Finally, Makadamia pay maximum attention to optimizing the manufacturing chain linking producers with consumers. Thorough research and valuable collaboration with Italian and international cultivators (the latter of exotic fruits), the brand have been able to eliminate the numerous intermediate stages that end up compromising product freshness and pushing up retail prices.



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