Smart Specialisation Strategy
Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies

Approximately 11 bn tons of waste are produced in the world each year, only 25% is reused or recycled. In Italy, special waste produced by businesses stands at about 154 mln tons (source: ISPRA, 2019).

For companies, waste becomes operational inefficiency. Considering the constant increase in costs on waste disposal - in Italy the increase is 40 percent/year (according to Lab. Ref) - and disproportionate increases in raw materials - companies need to identify new models for managing their own waste.

Introducing Sfridoo, the B2B matching platform for buying and selling waste, production waste and residues, by-products, leftover stock and secondary raw materials, following the principles of the circular economy, was created.

On Sfridoo, companies enter their resources and receive offers, contributing to the reduction of waste in landfills and the achievement of the UN Agenda 2030 goals.

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