Cultural and Creative Industries

HBA s.r.l.s. (BO)

We are a trusted consulting agency for small companies and local associations.

We offer the best innovative solutions for communicating and promoting the business activities and value of small and medium size Italian companies.

HBA doesn't simply copy and paste, but tailors each project to the needs of every client.

We design marketing strategies combining traditional tools with digital ones.

Caucaso (BO)

Caucaso’s cultural project was born out of a unique convergence between scientific tension and artistic production, focused on cinema and documentary.

Created as an informal collective in the early 2000s, Caucaso evolved into an international production company based in Bologna, Italy. During the following years, the Caucaso society established a network of co-productions within both the Italian and international production landscapes.

Cloudtec s.r.l. (MO)

Cloudtec mission is to support its Clients in their Digital Transformation journey, offering integrated solutions and services with the aim to make simple and safe the adoption of the latest cloud-driven innovations.

Cloudtec assists customers in modeling their organization and processes to be able to take the best advantage from the use of the Cloud technologies with particular regard to data security, systems management and orchestration aspects.

Mentha (RE)

ForTune, a project by the Mentha company, is a platform for three-minute, high-quality, uninterrupted podcasts. 

Users choose the topics of their interest and ForTune gives them a unique, constantly changing, incisive audio stream interspersed with their favourite music. 

We strongly believe that podcasting in Italy is "the next big thing". And we want to be there. Trends are growing in every country: US has 65 million users, up 7% in the last 2 years, and in Europe funding rounds in this sector are very high (20 million euros collected in 2018). 


UP Urban Planning Ltd is an engineering company that deals in a multidisciplinary way with local urban transformation  through the use of decision support tools and urban data to integrate multiple contexts.

The planning activity is always focused on avoiding the creation of a duality between sustainability projects and users behaviour, a duality that is often the source of inequity.
Urban Planning is thus making use of economic and financial strategies in order to translate the idea into reality.


VINTAG is a social shopping App for vintage lovers.

VINTAG is a place for collectors, artists, designers, creatives, or simply put people, who enjoy the unique style and charme of the past.

VINTAG is a women-led Italian startup with collaborators in all Europe.

After only 3 years VINTAG has already become one of the market-leaders in Italy and it is ready to challenge the world top players.