Smart Specialisation Strategy
Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies

CrossHyde is an innovative integrated digital system capable of video communication with a profiled public using any glass and/or Plexiglas surface without modifying its original nature (transparency). Applied to windows or any other transparent surface, it is capable, when triggered and for a specific time, of transforming a window into a screen for communicating messages defined on the basis of the general characteristics of the audience present, as detected using sensors (e.g. man/woman, age range, etc.). Highly scenographic effects can be generated to attract a curious public.

The same technology can be equipped with additional accessories to make the window, now acting as a screen, into a touch screen and therefore interactive. Every action is automated with remotely managed planning.

ICCITTI was founded in 2021 as a HUB concept to bring together innovative technologies according to the concept of #NewDigitalHumanism. Essentially this involves technologies for visual impact and analysis of human behaviour detected using devices that interact with the context.