Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies

Zeprojects is an innovative female startup founded in Bologna in 2019 from the passion for innovation applied to architecture and design of the founders, Francesca di Giacomo and Silvia Motori. This is the only hub in Italy to offer an architectural design service integrating IoT technologies, AI, and highly innovative materials, all aimed at improving the quality of life of individuals, which is the primary goal of all our work.

Zeprojects has developed mainly in the hospitality, residential and wellness sectors, with a special interest in public health considering the current global attention to this issue. Two very important projects were born out of this interest. GOLDĂ©lite creates design solutions with a tested and patented antibacterial and antiviral nanotechnology, and ZEPoint, a prefabricated health module with zero environmental impact and very high microbiological protection (93% elimination of Covid-19 virus within two hours) developed at the Meldola IRST.

Furthermore, in 2022 we obtained co-financing with the Emilia-Romagna Region under the European Regional Development Fund for a new innovative, ecological RSA health structure, constructed in line with post-Covid criteria.

Over the last year and on the strength of the regional funding obtained, we have developed a proprietary application for the metaverse. This gives users the opportunity to explore our architecture in the virtual world with complete immersion in the spaces using virtual reality.


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