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Francesco Baruffi
059 782775

Knowbel is located in a structure of about 1000 square metres equipped with offices, laboratories, a warehouse, meeting rooms, a reception and shared co-working spaces.

The incubation model provides:

  • access based on screening of executive summary, motivational assessment and due diligence performed by independent advisors
  • the provision of real incubation services
  • business acceleration consisting of an innovative training program and consultation based on open lab methodology with an emphasis on problem-solving and presentation of concrete case studies and best practice
  • a mentorship program that allocates a high-profile mentor to work alongside each incubated startup
  • support of a tutor with experience in high-tech business creation
  • once incubated, companies will receive a detailed incubation plan outlining: operational and development objectives of the acceleration program, expected results and regular evaluation opportunities at set milestones, the duration of the program

The business acceleration program includes four actions:

  • a startup training plan
  • open labs dedicated to studying business through a 'learning by doing' methodology and concrete case studies
  • events that promote project dissemination, team building, comparison and evaluation of projects and aspiring entrepreneurs, and business-matching with potential partners
  • a program dedicated specifically to high schools, aimed at promoting the dissemination of a culture of entrepreneurialism 

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