Nilde (Nuova Impresa Libera Donne Eccezionali)

NILDE  (which is an acronym that, in Italian, stands for New, Free Company of Exceptional Women) is the place of female entrepreneurship in San Lazzaro (Bologna).

This is the name of the space on the first floor of a municipal building in via Gelsi n.2, in Ponticella, dedicated to incubate  good ideas raising from women. An opportunity for women to get back into the game and enhance their skills, in a world that often penalizes female workers and those who want to return to the job market after being fired or pregnant.

The space is divided into three areas, assigned to three female entrepreneurial projects.

The Nilde project provides  free spaces to business projects selected through a tender and access to an incubation path by trainers and partners who collaborate with the Municipality of San Lazzaro.


Via dei Gelsi n. 2 - 40068 San Lazzaro di Savena (Ponticella)

Telephone Number

051 6228066
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Responsabile Ufficio Giovani Comune San Lazzaro