Provincia di Piacenza - Sportello Creazione d'Impresa

Lo Sportello Autoimprenditoria is a Piacenza service that provides free information and consultation to anyone intending to set out on their own. To this end, there is a great deal of interaction with other organisations, such as the Chamber of Commerce, trade associations, banks, and so on, enabling startups to establish the conventions and agreements they will need for a successful launch.

The service is aimed at anyone who wishes to become self-employed or has an entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to develop it. It provides information and guidance on all of the procedures that are necessary to launch a business, the possibilities for preferential funding, and the business opportunities that exist within the region.

What we provide.

  • An individual interview wherein the entrepreneurial idea is defined and the necessary professional and personal skills are verified.
  • Help with the design of a personalised project and a specific business plan.
  • Illustration of the tools required for a proper analysis of market, risks and opportunities, as well as the possibilities regarding your company's legal status.
  • Illustration of other services available to help with launch.
  • Free training on company creation and management.
  • Access to a reduced rate credit line or to contributions in the form of interest or non-repayable grants (subject to investigation).
  • Start-up tutoring for a pre-determined period following company launch to verify the achievement of goals and resolve any legal, financial, marketing or organisational issues.


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