Impact Hub Reggio Emilia

Since 2015, IH Reggio Emilia has been a Coworking space where to develop an idea or a project while benefiting from the input of skills, support and encouragement from others, or where to rent a workstation in an open, shared and collaborative environment. 

A space where to work together to develop sustainable projects that meet the needs of the local area, keeping economy and society together through the use of participatory methods and constant collaboration between different sectors.

A place rich in events about innovative and digital topics, for creating inspiration, exchange of ideas and synergies between people: IH Reggio Emilia, part of a network with other innovative local business and beyond, wants to strengthen the international image of Reggio Emilia.

It is a cooperative founded by a team of entrepreneurs, professionals, creatives, training institutions and Reggio Emilia enthusiasts who dream of having a social impact that will contribute to strengthen, innovate and improve our businesses, making them more attractive globally and part of an international network.

This is why we joined the Impact Hub international network.


Host & Community Manager