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LEBSC is an innovative startup that deals with research and development for the creation of innovative materials, biomaterials and micro- and nano materials in the chemical, biomedical, environmental, dental, cosmetic fields. LEBSC uses innovative techniques of synthesis that allow to obtain new materials with characteristics identical to those that are available in nature.

LEBSC provides chemical, chemical and physical, environmental, asbestos and microbiological analysis.

LEBSC designed two innovative systems:

- a plant for the denaturing of asbestos fibers through processes based on acidic food;

- a plant for the purification of waste water of the industries using an innovative biomaterial. The installation can also be adapted to existing plants.

LEBSC has an extensive experience in the development of materials that exploit the concept of bio-mimicry, that is materials synthesized in the laboratory but which act, both in structure and in function, as the materials present naturally in the environment. These materials, of both nano and micrometric size, have a remarkable versatility from the point of view of their application. Important applications have been done in dentistry, maxillofacial reconstruction, rebuilding bones, but also in the reduction of gas and liquid pollutants.

LEBSC has also developed a system (patent pending) that allows  to completely destroy the asbestos fibers present in eternit through the use of acid food (water resulting from the production of vinegar, fruit juices, dry tomatoes, etc .. .), producing also materials of average value (water-based paint, magnesium ingots and fertilizers) completely eliminating the carcinogenicity of this material (LEBSC is authorized by the Ministry of Health for analysis).

LEBSC is the depository of the patent for the process of biochemical denaturation of material containing asbestos. The process is receiving considerable media interest from national and international communication agencies.

Currently, LEBSC is preparing a second patent relating to a process of purifying water through the use of a particular biomaterial.




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