Individual enterprise


SEED is an ethical streetwear clothing business

Our mission is to contribute to healing the world by offering stilish and high quality products to responsible people...who also have great taste. Our style is functional and minimalist, designed for those who live in the city and have an intense everyday pace, for those who strive to reach their potential overcoming their limits and aware of their strengths. It's for dynamic people who know the present and look at the future with hope and trust.

Mark One ()

Mark One is a unique industry. We develop and design our own 3D printers from the ground up, with the highest quality and the finest precision, using noble and industrial automation grade materials. Our printers can be tailored to customer needs, specific requirements ranging from the machine cosmetics to the HW-SW configuration.

Webmio (RN)

Webmio is a web agency that develops and creates digital projects of any kind with simplicity, aesthetics and innovation.

We do our best in every project, we curate every aspect, and we aim for current and commercially valid products.

We are curious, able to adapt to technologies and tools that constantly change.

If you want to tell us about your idea, we are waiting for you at our studio!

Webmio is the web agency partner for your your online success. (BO)

Cosaordino is a digital interface between users and participating restaurants that offers online users the ability to order lunch and dinner at home.

Starting with the delivery address, the site allows users to choose what to order from local restaurants, with the option of changing their order by adding or removing ingredients, as well as being able to choose any options such cooking preferences or choice of complimentary drinks.