H-PROHUB Certified Incubator according with the Italian Law, Human Proximity Hub, represents the Innovation Center of the H-PATH group,  where startups, innovative and ordinary SMEs and business ideas grow, finetune and optimize their innovative projects.

Well-being, innovation and research are the three keywords that distinguish H-Path's activities.

H-Path is the leading partner in the development of innovative and human-centered service solutions.

The power of innovation is rooted in its holistic approach based on research, development, transformation and person-centered thinking.

The Group was founded in 2015, with a specific focus on health and the offer of technological solutions for the management of therapy by chronic patients.

In 2018, the synergy and dialogue with the founders of new realities made it possible to enrich their mission, bringing innovative services and solutions in the field of well-being and body care. Today the group welcomes various realities in the Healthcare and Lifestyle sectors, united by a single goal: the pursuit of well-being through innovation.

H-Pro Hub, is the window on innovation: through the call Pimp your Biz it searches for  solutions that can develop, improve and expand services, products and more generally projects in the Healthcare, Beauty & Wellness and Lifestyle sectors.


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