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DoubleCheck is a business project that addresses food quality control by developing products and services aimed at large companies and individual consumers, with positive effects on quality of life and the environment.

The project sees the patenting of a system for isolating and quantifying environmental and food-based microorganisms.

The main product is AFLA-BAIT, a bait made from a biodegradable polymer (Mater-Bi) that allows for the isolation and measurement of the fungus Aspergillus flavus and other fungi found in food and the environment that produce aflatoxins (carcinogens). The bait is also offered as part of a molecular analysis kit (AFLA-KIT), that is currently in commercial prototype phase.

Doublecheck also offers a monitoring service and molecular analysis (PCR, qPCR) for the identification and quantification of fungi aflatoxins from various sources, based on AFLA-BAIT technology, as well as an aflatoxin analysis service using both traditional means (HPLC/ELISA) and AFLA-BAIT technology.

The main target market is made up of agricultural consortia, food companies, customs and port authorities, and analytical laboratories.

The project is aimed at the creation of an academic spin-off from the Department of Agro-Environmental Sciences and Technologies at the University of Bologna.



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