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EmmeBo is a company offering family friendly products and services.

Based on the idea of two female businesswomen from Bologna, the company finished among the top 10 finalists in the StartCup Emilia Romagna in 2018, and was awarded the Manageritalia Emilia Romagna prize for a product dedicated to families.

The MammaBlock rack for children's pushchairs is an item of street furniture patented in Italy. It is a floor or wall mounted steel structure for indoor or outdoor use, providing an innovative semi-integrated hanging and closing system.

MammaBlock is an Italian style product and the first rack for children’s strollers.

It offers companies and public institutions the option of innovatively and intelligently organizing their reception of families with strollers, who can enjoy a unique device dedicated to their security and freedom.

The space occupied by strollers is a problem for those who receive families with children on a daily basis, and for anyone committed to offering family friendly services.

For companies and public or private reception facilities, the MammaBlock rack resolves the problem of dedicated family reception, organization of space, and maintaining order.



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