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Esercizio Vita main activities are related to the organization and management of social, care and welfare services of innovative character, targeting individuals and communities and is registered as innovative start-up with a social vocation.

The three founding members (with a Master's Degree in Science and Techniques of Motorial Activity and PhD in Biomedical Sciences) with ages from 30 to 40 years,cooperates with trainees of the University of Ferrara and professionals in various fields (midwives, psychologists, nutritionists, etc.).

The cooperative proposes, in particular, projects of Adapted Physical Activity (APA) that carry on "non-health programs",  in groups or individually, specifically designed for people with chronic deseases, aimed at modifying lifestyles and at reinforcing primary and secondary prevention.
Several studies have proven that, in many chronic diseases, the disabling process is aggravated by a sedentary lifestyle; this causes also new deseases, functional limitations and additional disabilities. In scientific literature there is a sufficient amount of data that leads to the conclusion that in many chronic diseases this vicious circle can be corrected with appropriate programs of regular physical activity.

The service offer of Esercizio Vita is divided into:

Adapted Physical Activity programs for healthy people who want to improve their fitness and made positive changes in their lifestyle;
Adapted Physical Activity programs for people with "low disability", i.e.  chronic conditions that do not restrict the basic motor skills or the care of the oneself (pain syndromes from Hypomobility and / or risk of fragility fractures and osteoporosis, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, etc.);
Adapted Physical Activity programs for people with "high disability" for chronic deseases, limited mobility and permanent disability (arterial disease, lung disease, heart disease, etc.).

Thanks to the innovative structure, the exercise equipment, the biomedical instrumentation and to the cooperation with scientific and medical personnel, Esercizio Vita also develops educational initiatives aimed at promoting health lifestyles through multidisciplinary activities. The  initiative is the sole that at local level, can treat certain types of pathologies with limited costs nd based on a highly specialized  members and staff, which is constantly trained.

Esercizio Vita intends to consolidate and extend its service portfolio, specializing on specific groups of users, such as stroke victims, transplanted and generally all so-called category "sports-sensitive", through the provision of integrated and highly specialized services.

The main services provided to users above consist of:

Adapted Physical Programs Exercises
Adapted Physical Activity
Programs of Physical Exercise for Neurological diseases
Exercise for seniors / Senior Adult
Customer-targeted Motor Activity
Childbirth courses
Home Care Services
Motor activity for children (4-16 years old)

Exercise Life received the Young Enterprise Award from the Chamber of Commerce of Ferrara.



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