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Indiotech is an innovative start-up that aims to develop, produce and sell intelligent sensors (Smart Sensors) that can improve the performance of machines and systems with which we work and interact on a daily basis.

The founders have invented an innovative torque sensor (patent pending) that greatly reduces the amount of work required to do its job, ultimately reducing production and installation costs by 75%, without compromising on performance.

Reducing costs in this way creates very interesting market opportunities. First of all, it means the sensor can be used on critical parts of very expensive machines such as excavators, bulldozers and mining machinery, that until now have not used sensors for monitoring torque. Furthermore, the cost reduction also allows us to move into sectors wherein use of this type of transducer has never before been considered, such as light transport or low-cost electric vehicles.

The proposed system also has several technical peculiarities that make it an innovative product:

  • Wireless connectivity: allows the system to communicate wirelessly with the operating machine, exploiting existing communication protocols (wi-fi, bluetooth, NFC, etc.)
  • Plug & Play Installation: We designed the system so that it can easily be integrated with existing products. Installation does not require any specialist skills or equipment, allowing for expansion of the sensor market even to the after-market.
  • Redundant architecture: we have been able to make the system completely or partially redundant, making it applicable also in the safety-critical field, such as monitoring a helicopter rotor.
  • Down-sizing: the technology used is highly scalable.
  • The patent pending technology can be applied in direct or indirect measurement.

Indiotech Srl is the result of the MST Multisense project: the sensor was developed autonomously by the founders, both PhD students at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia who, like old school entrepreneurs, spent their energy and free time creating something in which they strongly believed.

The project won the 2016 Emilia Romagna Start Cup, beating off over 120 enrolled competitors.




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